China Kv7-M9140-A0X YAMAHA Yv100X Belt Pulley with High Quality with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

KV7-M9140-A0X Yamaha YV100X belt pulley with big stock

Place of Origin: CZPT ( Mainland )              
Brand name Name: Yamaha
Model Number: KV7-M9140-A0X
Variety: Yamaha YV100X belt pulley
MOQ: 1 piece                        
Stock: Indeed
Port: HangZhou


Manufacturer Product Specification Material of nozzle tip
YAMAHA YV100II 31#NOZZLE 0402 / 0603 / 0805 (X) Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100II 31#NOZZLE 0402 / 0603 / 0805 (X) Diamond metal
YAMAHA YV100II 32#NOZZLE For IC of tiny dimensions Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100II 39#NOZZLE 0603 “O” hole Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100II 39#NOZZLE 0603 “O” gap Diamond steel
YAMAHA YV100II 33#NOZZLE For IC Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100II 34#NOZZLE For IC Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100II 35#NOZZLE For diode Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100II 36#NOZZLE For diode Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100X 71A NOZZLE 0402 / 0603 X Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100X 71A NOZZLE 0402 / 0603 X Diamond metal
YAMAHA YV100X 72A NOZZLE 0805 X Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100X 72A NOZZLE 0805 X Diamond metal
YAMAHA YV100X  73#NOZZLE For IC of little size Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100X  74#NOZZLE For IC Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100X  75#NOZZLE For diode Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100X  79#NOZZLE 0603 “O” hole Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100X  79#NOZZLE 0603 “O” hole Diamond metal
YAMAHA YV100X  71#NOZZLE 1. x 0.8 X Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100X  72#NOZZLE one.5 x 1. X Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100X  73#NOZZLE For IC of little dimensions Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV100X  79#NOZZLE “O” hole Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV100X  71F / 72 F / 79F  Diamond metal
YAMAHA YS12 / YG300 NOZZLE 301 / 302 / 309 Diamond steel
YAMAHA YS12 / YG300 NOZZLE 303 / 304 / 305 Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YG200 NOZZLE 201 / 202 / 209 / 203 / 204 Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YG200 NOZZLE 201 / 202 / 209 Diamond metal
YAMAHA YG100 NOZZLE 211 / 212 / 213 / 214 Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YG100 NOZZLE 2-11 / 212 Diamond steel 
YAMAHA YV112 51#/fifty two# Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YV112 53#/54# Plastic metal
YAMAHA YV88XG NOZZLE 61A / 62A / 63A / 64A Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YV88 NOZZLE 61F / 62F / 63F / 64F Tungsten steel
YAMAHA YM66 S2 0402 / 0603 / 0805 Tungsten metal
YAMAHA YM66 S1/ S3 0402 / 0603 / 0805 Tungsten steel

Yamaha feeder in inventory

Model name Specification Dimensions
YAMAHA CL KW1-M1500-030 8MM 5711 8X2
YAMAHA CL KW1-M1400-00X 8MM 0402 8X2
YAMAHA CL KW1-M1100-000 8MM 0603 8X4
YAMAHA CL KW1-M2200-300 12MM
YAMAHA CL KW1-M3200-one hundred 16MM

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A. 16 many years expertise, top quality guarantee
B. Participate in NEPCON South CZPT Considering that 2009
C. CZPT good quality, minimal expense
D. Huge stock, CZPT shipping      
E. Various makes CZPT
F. CZPT ization is suitable


A movable pulley is a pulley where when you transfer a large object, the drum moves with it. There is no adjust in the direction of the power you require to utilize, but the load will “feel” lighter than it really is. For instance, if you happen to be hauling a weighty hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load feel a great deal lighter, even though you’re pulling in the very same path.
China Kv7-M9140-A0X YAMAHA Yv100X Belt Pulley with High Quality with ce certificate top quality Good price

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